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Legal Interim Management

For companies in demand of temporary legal inhouse support


  • Legal Interim Management provides solutions when a company needs to quickly fill a temporary critical vacancy in the management of its legal affairs. Being an experienced "doer", the Interim Manager takes on responsibility and leadership for the legal operations, providing cover for maternity / paternity, internal secondment, project, long-term sickness, as well as in cases of headcount freeze and sabbatical. He does so in a much shorter time span than a "newbie" as his professional experience allows him to minimise the time-intensive onboarding period -- working closer to the business and normally at a lower cost than a lawfirm.

  • A Legal Interim Manager can furthermore provide independent, discrete support on site in situations where the company has to overcome particularly sensitive legal challenges such as internal investigations or in case of criminal offences. provides qualified support by an experienced legal manager.

LEGAL INHOUSE LEADERSHIP provides when you need an experienced legal manager on a temporary basis. Examples:.

  • You want to test whether legal support works more efficiently with inhouse counsel before hiring one on a permanent basis.


  • The General Counsel is on parental  or sickness leave, assigned to a special project or has left the company and a successor is not yet ready to take over.


  • ​The company management needs a clearsighted, experienced leadership person at eye level in Legal.

SPECIAL LEGAL KNOW-HOW provides when your need specific legal know-how because. Examples:

  • Certain political decisions or laws and regulations are at odds with the interests of your company (government relations / lobbying).


  • You need a management spokesperson vi-à-vis works counsel and trade unions.


  • Your management or staff are under legal pressure (corporate compliance).


  • Your company is affected by a criminal act (forensic services work).

ADDITIONAL LEGAL MANPOWER provides when you need additional legal support on a project basis: Examples:

  • The business grows, so new deals, contracts and general terms & conditions need to be drafted, negotiated and managed


  • The team grows, so HR needs specific employment contracts for new hires.


  • Your business is getting slowed down by an approval process before a public authority, so you need someone to take care of it.


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