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Quality standards for your legal department provides solutions for optimizing the legal support of your company.

  • Does your company enjoy top-notch legal support?

  • Are the KPIs for Legal transparent?

A Legal Department needs to have a profound knowledge of both the law and the business for providing high quality legal management.

No risk, no business. Management should take informed decisions based on  knowledge of risks for the business. Legal provides such knowledge...

A good Legal Dept. ...

  • provides the basis for informed mgt. decisions through legal risk analysis and impact assessment. It develops measures to minimize risks, which could otherwise become a roadblock to the  business and an end to management careers, be it in the shape of regulatory hurdles or decisions by public authorities.

  • fights back on third party legal actions and acts of unfair competition.

The market changes and so does the law. Constantly.

​A good Legal Dept. ...

  • has an eye on (potential) legal change and acts forward-looking


  • is aware of regulated and (still) unregulated business areas as well as of the red lines dividing both; and it identifies windows of opportunity for the business


  • influences how such lines are  drawn by lawmakers, authorities and courts through government relations work and litigation.


A good Legal Dept. ...

  • helps the business to not stumble over legal hurdles in any jurisdiction.


  • is knowledgeable in all relevant fields of law, when and where the company needs it


  • is aware of its limits and knows when and where to hire the right external legal expert.

A corporate organization provides work structures, planning and orientation. It needs to grow at the same pace as the business. So does Legal....


A good Legal Dept. knows more than the law: It also…

  • combines business acumen with power of imagination, creativity, scrutiny, realism, experience of life and organizational know-how

  • supports other BUs wherever there is a lack of structured work in your company.

Some departments seem to use a secret language -- in the case of lawyers "Legalese": difficult to grasp for non-Legals. That's not good enough...


​A good Legal Dept. …

  • is in a constant dialogue with Management and BUs

  • speaks the language of its "internal clients" and communicates in a language which is clear and comprehensive to everyone

Team size and struture, skills, seniority and work processes: Teams need to develop .This process requires good management to make  companies grow, not sprawl.


A good Legal Dept. knows…

  • which legal expertise is required in your company, both now and tomorrow;

  • at which point, costwise, insourcing is more effective way of working: How many lawyers does your company really need? How to split work wisely between inhouse counsel and external law firm?


  • what type of lawyer fits your company best and for which task: a high potential or an experienced senior lawyer? provides solutions for optimizing the legal support of your company.

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