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Interim managers are not consultants. Instead, they assume responsibility. Whenever companies quickly need problem solvers and decision makers rather than PowerPoint presenters. provides professional legal interim management support in the following areas:






For how long can a company afford an unguided Legal Department? Critical vacancies in the operational legal controlling of a company often require a preliminary solution which is up and running quickly. A pilot needs to get on board speedily and steer the ship in order to make sure that it remains on course as long as, finally, someone is ready to fill the legal captain’s position. This solution is called legal interim management.





Imagine your company was a vessel. When it requires a reconstruction in full speed on the open sea, one should know very well how to handle it, in order not to sink the ship. Especially for legal and compliance management, there is not a great deal of freedom for constructional experiments, provided the Captain intends to keep his ship above the waterline. Similar rules apply, when a newly built „company vessel“ needs to gain speed quickly. Restructuring, transformation, (de-)merger etc. -- in these cases, eloquent consulting is simply not good enough to manage change sucessfully in the Legal Department. Instead, it takes a person of action to do the job: It is time to take aboard an experienced legal change manager.





Imagine your company was a vessel on the open sea suddenly getting into a critical heel angle. This is what happens when a company gets destabilized by destructive internal or external forces. The same happens if the vessel touches the ground in the unknown legal waters of a foreign jurisdiction. Keeping the vessel intact and on target may exceed what Captain and crew are capable of handling alone. That is the point when it is time to take aboard a seaworthy legal pilot and navigator who will stay on board as long as it is necessary to fix the leak and steer the ship around the rocks of law and avoid damage.

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